Activities In 1st & 2nd Mandate

ACRA plays the important role in Cambodia for safe migration of Cambodian workers working in local and overseas such as Thailand and Malaysia.

1. Pre-Departure Training

We have conducted training for migrant workers who migrate and work in Thailand and Malaysia; especially we conducted pre-departure training for domestic workers who go to work in Malaysia. ACRA has not only provided pre-departure training for Domestic Workers, but also follow up the basic skills training to meet the requirements of employers in receiving countries and makes sure all migrant workers understanding their job and duties.

2. Code Of Conduct

Malpractice, Moral and Social responsibility are our concern. ACRA has approved the Code of Conduct for its members in January 2009. CoC-ACRA will be a guideline to be the best practice for safe migration of Cambodian workers.

3. Safe Migration Education

ACRA is actively coordinating and cooperating with partners, UNWOMEN (UNIFEM), Cambodia, and NGOs, to provide a safe migration information and training to our Cambodian workers and family who want to go to work abroad by going to rural areas where most people migrate to work abroad. We have also joined with NGOs for live broadcasting program in Radio stations and answering phone calling in regarding migration matters.