It is my great privilege that I was elected as the President of the Association of Cambodia Recruitment Agencies (ACRA) for the new mandate. I have no doubt to say that the trust of our members toward my leadership is the great motivation for my
further dedication toward not only our association but also for our society and our
Cambodian people who have been working overseas.

As the President of our ACRA, I would like to take this platform to express our sincere appreciation toward the great contribution of our members, Government, CSOs, Trade Unions and NGOs for being very active and cooperative partnership with our ACRA to protect and assure that our workers those are living and working overseas are working and living in safe and good condition.

Last but not least, being a President of ACRA, I believe and I will make all of my efforts to serve our members as well as pushing all of our members to work together as our mission and vision has stated “To enhance and promote effectively to employ
Cambodian Workers as well as to contribute economic and social development”.
Thank you.