Name: Mr. Pin Vireak
Position: Executive Director

Contact Info:
Phone: +855 98 828 868/ +855 97 37 38 038

Mr. Pin Vireak is Executive Director of ASSOCIATION OF CAMBODIAN RECRUITMENT AGENCIES (ACRA). He has over 6 years of experience secretariat, administering human resource, communication and administration of ACRA.

Since he joined ACRA as a secretariat in early 2011, Mr. Vireak has grown professionally within the organization due to his expertise in secretariats, human resource, management, and administration. He also training in pre-departure orientation for workers to work oversea in 2015.

Mr. Vireak holds a bachelor degree in Economics, specializing in Development from Royal of University Law and Economics, CAMBODIA in 2010.  Further, he has completed the bachelor degree in English Literature, specializing in English for Business from CAMBODIAN MEKONG UNIVERSITY, CAMBODIA in 2011.

Name: Mr. Engkakada DANH
Position: Advisor to ACRA and Former GM of CAMFEBA

Mr. Engkakada DANH is now the advisor of ACRA. Before he came to ACRA, he was the General Manager of CAMFEBA as well as very experienced senior trainer of labour law and management & leadership. Working with different international organizations, law firms and government departments provided a strong platform for understanding the similarity and differences of the challenges that they faced. He so build up his experience and the improvement of Industrial Relations through the position as GM of CAMFEBA, board member of CBCA and deputy chair of 8th Working Group on Industrial Relations.

Before joining CAMFEBA, Kakada has the pool of experience with international organizations in China, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium. These organizations include the World Trade Organization (WTO), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), International Court of Justice (ICJ), International Criminal Course (ICC), International Labor Organization (ILO) and Chinese Supreme Cour

Position: Advisor

Contact Info:
Phone: 078 570006

Ms. SEN PISETHDANYTA, Advisor of ACRA and also working for Ung Rithy Group Co.,Ltd. With more than 10 years' working in recruitment agency, she is very experienced in leadership, business model, communication, networking, human resource and procedure. Beside of working experience she also attends the meeting and conference program on leadership, law enforcement, border control & management, and other related in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Italy and USA.