To enhance and promote effectively to employ Cambodian Workers as well as to contribute economic and social development.


To protect its members’ legal benefits by increasing cooperation, coordination, and providing recommendation to members, participation for consulting on related policies and communication with national and international institutions.


    • To mediate disputes between its members or members and external institutions.
    • To negotiate and facilitate with other institutions to protect public interests and Cambodia labor sector.
    • To gather, coordinate and disseminate information concerning to labor sector (local and international) to its members.
    • To coordinate and organize training courses and study tours for members and ACRA’s staff.
    • To inform about laborers receiving sources (names, conditions, how to communicate with that institutions) to its members.
    • To organize meeting or seminar between recruitment agencies and external institutions for its members’ growth.
    • To participate in consulting related to national policies for legal members.
    • To communicate with National Institutions related to recruiting, sending, managing workers going to work abroad for effectively social economy and also communicate with external institutions for cooperating and finding new market for its members.
    • To seek for financial resources to support its activities.
    • To assess candidacy before giving them to be a member of ACRA.
    • To set regulations and policies for overseas recruitment agencies in Cambodia.

Reasons to become member of ACRA:

  1. Lobby and Advocacy
  2. Standard ID pass and uniform issuance
  3. Regulation and law dissemination and update
  4. National and international business networking and development
  5. Legal and business consultation and support
  6. Human resources development
  7. Training
  8. Dispute resolution
  9. Research and development